My New Taylor 814 ce "Boomer" 

Boomer!  That's the name of my new Taylor 814ce acoustic 6 string. I remember reading something on Frank Zappa talking about how to pick out the right guitar. He said, “Play a bunch of guitars and the one that speaks to you and says ‘take me I’m yours’, that’s the one to get”. Well, that’s exactly what I did. I played about 15 guitars, mostly Martins because I was fully prepared to purchase a Martin guitar. However, when I played the Taylor 814ce, the guitar spoke to me. It said, “I’m the one”...figuratively of course, but I sure felt it. I waited about 3 months because I just couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t be buying a Martin.  I was fully prepared to purchase a McPherson, Casimi or Lowden. They’re just hard to find. So I went back to the music store to compare guitars again and …same story. The Taylor just blew me away! Dang!—this thang BOOMS! The low end punches you in the chest and the mids and highs flow through an endless cycle of harmonics that are surprisingly sweet and chime like a church choir.
Ok so I bought it already [photo included] the thing is, it only lets me play me…my music. It won’t let me play any other style. I thought I could riff off a bit ‘o Tommy Emmanuel, but I guess I gotta learn how to play like that [jk]. But that’s what so cool about this guitar—it forces me to play honestly what I can play and it brings out the best in the way I play which is all any guitarist could ask of their guitar. Still…it would be great if it would just let me rip like Tommy…sigh…I can dream.